Feet Is Sexy

Saturday, September 3, 2011

As my house-mate and I were walking home from orientation on Wednesday, we encountered an interesting phrase: “Feet is sexy.” This was not printed on a sign or scrawled across a wall in graffiti. No, this was a phrase a young Italian man felt the need to call at us as we passed down the street. This is one of what has already become many sightings of the Creepers who so often appears on travels.

Luckily, I managed to grab a picture, so you know who to avoid:

I know, I thought his facial hair looked weird, too. 

In my experience the Creeper is universal, and usually falls into one of three categories: Funny Creeper, Crazy Creeper, and Dangerous Creeper. Funny Creeper is usually the random person shouting random amusing things in broken English as you pass. A notable example is the hoards of Italian teenagers who find it endlessly funny to shout "Oh my God" at passing American students. Crazy Creeper is generally that person who (sometimes drunk, sometimes just crazy) shouts things at you that make you uncomfortable, but does not appear threatening and does not approach you. And Dangerous Creeper is pretty much anything worse than general Crazy Creeper nonsense.

This particular Creeper definitely fell into the Funny Creeper category, and my house-mate and I had a hard time containing our giggles. We managed to get a few feet away before we busted out laughing, and tried to make sense of the event. (We theorized that perhaps the Creeper had been selling shoes, which would make the whole thing slightly more explainable. Slightly.) Unfortunately, Funny Creeper and Crazy Creeper have the potential to become Dangerous Creeper, so I have decided to write out my Rules for Creepers.

  1. Whatever you do, do not approach the Creeper.
  2. If a Creeper speaks to you, ignore him.
  3. Try not laugh at Creepers. (Warning: In the case of the Funny Creeper, this may be more difficult than it appears.)
  4. If you are passing a Potential Creeper on the street, immediately stop speaking.
  5. The only exception to Rule 4: If you happen to speak the native language, start speaking in it, even if the person you are with has no idea what you are saying.
  6. If you are the person being babbled at in language you don't understand. Shut up.
  7. It’s probably not a good idea to yell at the Creeper. If you do, you may have an angry Creeper, and that is never good.

      Disclaimer: Florence is actually a very safe city. Much safer than New York, where I normally live. Generally common sense rules will be enough to keep you safe, just like any other city. Foreign students just tend to stick out, and therefore should be extra careful.

      The view from where I'm writing this, by the way:

      NO. JOKE.

      If you have any questions about Gilman or studying abroad, please leave them in comments, and I will either answer them, or try to point you toward someone who can.

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  1. This has me going :) & :/ At least you have that picture, so you'll remember what he looks like.

    What a view!

    Love, Mom


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