A Trip to the Art Store and Harry Potter

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So, this week I had to go pick up supplies for my art class. I should explain that I am taking an art class in which I study like a Renaissance apprentice.

Among the many great things about this class (ex. I can finally spell Renaissance correctly--one N, two S's, hells to the yeah.) we have the most awesome list of supplies I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure this list is as close as I am ever going to come to a Hogwarts supplies list. Meaning, I had to buy a quill. And not the metal tipped, always sharp, for-the-average-person type of quill. No, I'm talking about the legit-I-have-to-learn-to-sharpen-it-with-my-pen-knife type of quill. Seriously, I half expect our Prof. to waltz into class next lesson and hand us all tickets for Platform 9 3/4. (Please?)

And my paints are currently multicolored powders that look like potion ingredients . . . except for the white, the white just looks suspicious. Our Prof. told us not to travel with our powders, as they might be mistaken for a not-entirely-paintlike substance.

It strikes me that Florence is in some ways like Diagon Alley. A mysterious, magical place with shops selling strange items and narrow streets and tall, old buildings with wisdom written into their walls. And I hope it holds as many wonders for me as magical world did for Harry.

But, while I'm waiting for the magic, I made video following my journey to the art store. After all, life's all about the journey, isn't it?

If you have any questions about Gilman or studying abroad, please leave them in comments, and I will either answer them, or try to point you toward someone who can.

Also, I think I mentioned this in the first blog, but in case I didn't: Though I'll usually update the blog on Fridays, I occasionally have classes on Fridays and/or a field trip I have to attend. On those weeks, I will probably post on Saturday. This week was one of those weeks. Next week may or may not be one of those weeks, not sure yet.

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  1. I love the video. So cool.

    And I can't believe you're there. It is like Harry Potter land. :)

    Love, Mom

  2. hey I stumbled onto your blog whilst on Nerdfighters! what an awesome experience! makes me excited to visit Europe again! Ive been seriously thinking about studying abroad lately. did you have to be studying first to transfer?

  3. Yay, a nerdfighter! So glad to hear you're thinking of studying abroad. In my particular program you have to either be working on a degree, or starting a degree. But, I think that there are some programs you can study abroad through without having a degree in progress. You can look on studyabroad.com. They have tons of programs listed that you can search through.


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