Monday, February 13, 2012

My apologies for the late post, but as you will see, I was out of town all weekend without internet.

This weekend, my friend and I decided to go to the Carnevale celebration in Viareggio. I very much wanted to go to the one in Venice, but alas, it was too expensive. Even though it was my second choice, I have to say that Carnevale was nothing short of EPIC. I'm sorry there's just no other adequate word for that.

The whole Carnevale thing is a bit strange for me, because it's a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. (Like this whole experience, really.) Because I grew up on the Gulf Coast, close to Louisiana, and because I grew up Catholic, Mardi Gras was a fairly big deal. Every Mardi Gras at school people would have beads and King Cake. My parents took my brother and I to Mardi Gras parades a few times. I remember being really excited about all the free bead necklaces (for a seven year old, that's about as good as it gets.)

That being said, Carnevale in Italy is a bit different. A bit more, well, a bit more like this:

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