The Cold

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ever since I've started college, the weather has seemed to be on revolt. Between last year's crazy cold winter and last summer's ridiculously high temperatures, I've been a bit annoyed. And, now the evil New England weather seems to have followed me here. Where, unprepared and poorly clothed, I've been enduring freezing temperatures for the last week or so every day.

I realize this sounds like I'm a horrid person with nothing to do but complain, and I do quite hate being pessimistic and unhappy, so I've decided to make a list of five reasons why the cold is improving my life.

Reason Number 1: I've had an excuse (and motivation) to buy yarn and a crocheting needle. Quite essential as I'd forgotten to bring a warm hat, and I used my supplies to make myself a little hat in exactly the green color I've been wanting. (One of many reasons why handmade things are so lovely.) In fact, it's been so cold that I may have to make another.

Reason Number 2: Hot Chocolate. I mean, need I say anything else?

Reason Number 3: Hibernation. I can curl up in my warm room, under my warm covers, hide from the world, and watch a plethora of television shows and movies. Thankfully, I remembered to grab my case of DVDs before I left.

Reason Number 4: Th Smell. Do you know that lovely aroma that comes about when everything is cold and dark and quiet? It's a bit woody and a bit magical. It's the smell of Christmas, and although my favorite holiday may be long past, the cold smell still reminds me of lit fireplaces, hung stockings, glittering lights, and family.

Reason Number 5: SNOW. It has snowed here in Florence more than once since I've been back, and every time has involved much squealing and dancing from me. And also a lot of trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

I may be twenty according to my birth certificate, but my inner self will always be about six years old. So here's to the cold, which makes me feel like a small child again in all the best ways.

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