It's one of those weeks.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I've been incredibly busy this week dealing with school work and various other things, and any free time I've had has been incredibly boring. Anyway, I'm afraid this blog post is going to suffer because of my lack of time/interesting things to say.

Literally, the most exciting that happened this week was my run in with a bottle of nail polish. I dropped a bottle on the floor at a store and it splattered all over my shoes. When I told the kid behind the counter, he gave me a sort of bored look and just asked what I was buying. I wanted to pay for it, but he didn't seem interested in letting me. I hope it was at least a good story for him to tell his family and friends about work that day, but I suspect from the eye roll that it's a fairly frequent occurrence.

Ah well, nothing to do about that now. I've been wondering if I should try to clean my shoes with nail polish remover. But, I quite like the splatter effect so perhaps I'll just leave them. We'll see. I'll try to update this blog post with a picture in the next couple of days.

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