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Monday, February 20, 2012

So I've been feeling a little meh this weekend. Meaning, I've been sick. I spent yesterday lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself instead of doing work or writing this blog. But today I dragged my butt out of bed to cook myself some Tex-Mex (also, because I had work, but mostly for the Tex-Mex).

Now I haven't been properly homesick in Florence since early October. In fact, most of the time I find myself wanting to dag in my heels, grab Time, and force it to slow down. This semester seems to be rushing by so fast and I really don't feel like ever leaving Italy. But for some reason, every time I'm sick, I just want to be home. In fact if I'm not curled in the covers of my bed with my mom to care for me in my illness and convalescence, I become something of a pathetic little wimp. Sick me tends to bury herself under a mountain of covers and say, "I'm sick" over and over again to no one and for no apparent reason. (Sick me is a bit over-dramatic.)

The point is in the middle of my pity party and wondering why I was not IN TEXAS THIS MINUTE. I realized that though I may not be in Texas, I could still have a bit of my home state in Florence. So, I perused the web for ideas as to what to do about this. After much time wasted on recipe sites and of course Homesick Texan for a little inspiration, I chose quesadillas.

Now there are a few great things about quesadillas which lend themselves to being a good abroad Tex-mex option. The first and most important being that you do not need cheddar cheese for it. Since cheddar cheese is a rare and fabled ingredient, finding something without it was paramount to my search. In fact, all the ingredients of quesadillas are fairly easy to find. All you need is cheese, chicken, and tortillas. Cheese and chicken are fairly universal, and in my experience, tortillas are pretty common in grocery stores here. They're not the highest quality, but I suppose I could make my own if I weren't so lazy.

The other great thing about quesadillas is that, as a born and raised Texan, I've been making these about as long as I've been able to cook anything. Meaning: I don't need a recipe. About an hour later and voila: Tex-Mex in Italy! A much needed little piece of home.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of my delicious meal, but I do have some extra ingredients, so maybe I'll make up another and post a picture of it later.

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