Garden Update

Thursday, August 14, 2014

These pictures of the garden come from about a week ago and a lot has changed in a week, but I love these pictures of the hopeful time when seedlings have just shot up into real plants.

Everything continues to grow here in Texas, and summer will stick around for almost two months yet. This week the garden looks more like a battle between me and the leaf miners. We had an outbreak in the basil in early July and it has recovered remarkably well, so I'm hopeful the rest of the plants will be okay.

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  1. That basil looks luscious! It makes me want to whip up some pesto sauce.

    1. It's had a bit of a haircut since then. There's a good amount of pesto in our freezer these days. :)

  2. Beautiful photos, and I agree with Lauren, that basil looks amazing!


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