In the Garden // August 28

Thursday, August 28, 2014

This week the garden is mostly about cucumbers. The first of the female flowers have wilted, with the (hopefully) pollinated fruit starting to grow. Mostly this means that anyone who comes with a 100 foot radius of the house ends up playing an unwilling audience while I give a cucumber monologue. But just can't help it. Too much excitement! I'm hopeful that the fruit will grow quickly, and I've been planning future uses for abundant cucumbers in the kitchen. Salads? Sandwiches? Sautéed? Yes, yes, yes. And many to be eaten straight off the vine.

Meanwhile, the rest of the garden is doing well. (Apart from the bell peppers, which I replanted. Oh, will they ever sprout?) I must admit, I've been rather ignoring my bush beans, which are growing decidedly sideways. To stake or not to stake? And the basil is growing like crazy again. It got a drastic haircut a couple of weeks ago, and grew back almost immediately. When I went to plant in the other cucumber plant, there was a long root sneaking out of it's allotted space. So, so the basil thrives attention, or not.

The rain forecast this week should keep everything growing nicely, and all is well in my garden.

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  1. MMM...our garden has refused to produce cukes this year- lucky you! lovely photos!

    1. Oh no! Well then you'll be due for a bumper crop next year. The garden karma gods will owe you extra.

  2. I love seeing the little cucumbers, they are just so cute! I would be a willing audience for your cucumber monologue :) Happy gardening.


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