Lavender Sachets

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This week I finally used the lavender we picked back in August. As soon as we got home from our lavender adventures, I hung the lavender upside down in a closet to dry and proceeded to forget all about it for a month. Last Friday, I rescued it (very well dried) and decided to make the sachets I had been planning.

It wasn't a difficult process, but it was longer than I had thought it would be. Pulling every bud off the stalk proved challenging at times, but I didn't want to waste any considering I needed to turn a small bunch into two sachets. In the end, the sewing was the quickest step and I finished up with two, shall we say, rustic looking sachets.

They may not be the prettiest sewing I've ever done, but the smell phenomenal. I was surprised that the fragrance was so strong once I had removed the buds from the stalk. Besides being nice smelling, they're quite practical here on the coast where we get all sorts of critters around the house. Lavender is meant to keep away everything from moths to mosquitos, so I'm quite happy to have these little sachets protecting my clothes.

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