Time Capsule // Siena // Sept. 2012

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lately I've been looking through old pictures of the year and a half I spent in Florence, missing old places and old friends. I wanted to share bits and pieces of my memories on this blog, and I thought that time jumps back to my travels might be fun. So, here's the first, these pictures and words were originally posted on September 24, 2012.

As much as I love Florence (and I do love it dearly) there are times when a wanderer feels a bit claustrophobic. After all, even remarkable cities are cities. Walking the same streets in my tiny pixel of existence everyday can make me forget how lucky I am to be here. At such times one needs a bit of what the world likes to call perspective. For me that means getting my ass out of Florence. ASAP.

One of the lovely things about this city is how easy it is to get away. There are countless little towns all around. Some are nestled in mountains, some laze by the sea, Siena is tucked in the hills. Its sights are those of Tuscan postcards: uneven land rising like rounded waves and the tall cypress trees that proudly guard their villas. Even the view from a highway tells the character of this land.

Then there is Siena itself. Like many of the cities here, it was once an autonomous city-state. A solid wall surrounds it, to keep out those pesky Florentines, and to hide the treasures within. It seems that the early Tuscans took "hiding your valuables" seriously. My friend and I spent our day visiting the museums and and cathedral, getting a workout climbing steps, and (for me) enjoying a last summer peach. And when we got home at the end of the day, I felt my city was itself again. As beautiful as Siena is, I know where I belong.

Because Florence changes me; the essence of who I am is shifting here. If I don't look too closely, I can see it.

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  1. I see photos of Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast but it is places like Siena and photos like the one above (at the end of the post) that make my knees weak and intensify my love for Italy.

    1. Thank you for such kind words! Siena is a special place for me, as well. It's so unassuming in its beauty. And the Tuscan hills make you want bury your heart there forever.


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