Blueberry Pie

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My mom's not a huge fan of cooking, but over the years she has amassed quite a collection of cook books. As my own interest in cooking developed as a child and teenager, I was often rooting around the kitchen cabinets to look for recipes. I always found myself reaching for the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. I think it was the red and white gingham cover that drew me more than the recipes inside.

One day in high school I decided to make a fancy dinner for my mother, who was away at work. I took my bike to our town's grocery store bought all the ingredients I needed, biked home, and proceeded to make my first blueberry pie from the New Cook Book recipe. It was a little wonky, but over the years I've ironed out most of the kinks and adjusted the recipe slightly to suit us.

I still make blueberry pie fairly infrequently, as it can be a rather finicky and time consuming (not to mention expensive) process. It's the recipe I pull out when I want something special. What is it about pie that seems so celebratory?

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