Goodbye Summer

Friday, October 17, 2014

I realize there have been a lot of season postings on the blog of late. Forgive me. Our seasons here in Texas are a bit jumbled this time of year. We get waves of summer, fall, and winter all in one. With cooler weather moving in next week, we've finally said goodbye to summer. Yesterday I ran through the yard in the evening, and the grass was cold. When the grass is cold, summer has passed. That's how the seasons change here.

I'm eager for fall. It's my favorite season. But I'll miss the long days, warm pavement, and lulling song of cicadas. Somehow, summer is Texas's great season. Blazing heat, june bugs, floating a river. They all combine to make summer the season that Texas really lives up to its name. So here's a final ode to a great summer. And hopes for many more to come (but not too soon).

The Chappell Lavender and Wine Festival

The first seedlings from the summer garden

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