Time Capsule // Sleepy Hallow // Oct 2013

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I thought it was time for a new post in my Time Capsule series. In case you missed the first one, I'm sharing old blogs and memories once or twice a month, partly for nostalgia's sake and partly in an effort to consolidate the other blog into this one. The pictures and text below were originally posted on October 16, 2013.

I've always had an odd fascination with trees. I used to draw them all the time and when I was nine I realized that if I kept splitting each branch in my drawings over and over, they would start to look a bit like the live oaks which had so long been the sturdy playhouses for my imagination. Even now when my hands reach for the pencil they start to draw whirling and splitting branches in the same patterns they've been making for over a decade.

This weekend my family came to visit me and we got out of the city, traveling via train up the Hudson to where the leaves have started to change. We picked apples, wandered cemeteries, ate the last ice cream before winter, and all the time my camera was constantly at hand, ready to snap pictures of new trees.

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  1. Beautiful place, and I like the Time Capsule idea. I've always loved trees as well, especially when the leaves change. Although, living further north means that the transition happens very quickly.


    1. Yes, unfortunately now that I live in Texas, autumn is slow to come and quick to leave. I definitely miss New York this time of year.


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