La Luce di Dio

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Duomo in Florence is lit up at night by huge flood lights that top buildings around the piazza. It may be the brightest spot in Florence. One cold night in November, I stood huddled in a group of friends eating unseasonal gelato, and looking up from our spot by the baptistery doors at the great monument in front of us. One friend remarked that when she moved to Florence from Turin she hadn't realized there were lights on the building, but never questioned its ethereal glow. She jokingly shared that she must have assumed it was lit by "la luce di Dio." The light of God.

During my year and a half in Florence I was a frequent night time wanderer. Sometimes I was out with friends, sometimes I was on my own. Florence is small and past a certain hour, when the tourists have retreated to hotels and the locals back to their apartments, the city center is nearly abandoned. It was a favorite pastime of mine to walk alone through Piazza del Duomo. Seeing the domed monument keeping its watch over the city even after the crowds had gone was like stepping into a museum after closing.

On those nights, I felt like I owned the city, or perhaps that the city owned me. And it didn't feel foolish to look up at the grand Cathedral and think that it was lit by la luce di Dio.

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  1. Oh wow! This two photos are truly impressive! I had never seen Florence like that, but still so beautiful.
    With love,


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