The Ponte Vecchio at Sunset

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I have thousands of pictures of Florence and Italy in general hanging out on my hard drive. The problem is that I was not in the habit, as I am now, of selecting and editing pictures immediately after taking them. This year I've been in the process of transferring my pictures from one laptop to another, looking back over my old photos and choosing what to edit, what to keep, and what to delete. It's a big job and often a difficult one when it comes to ruthlessly trashing pictures that don't make the cut. But it must be done.

These pictures come from a selection of 600 plus photos I took one evening of the sun setting over the Ponte Vecchio. I chose 22 out of the 600 to keep and I've edited these three for the blog. Hopefully, there will be more old photos featured here as I go through all the folders tucked away on my computer.

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