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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Okay, so not every hotel is as glamorous as Balestrand's Kvikne. And not everyone can afford extravagant accommodations on a budget. The good news is there are several tips and tools that can help you find an affordable and pleasant place to stay in virtually any city.


The first step I take is to look at a map of the city. Each city has a specific layout and each traveller has specific priorities. Maybe you're a history buff and your main objective is to see historical sights. Maybe you're a foodie who wants to be close to all the cool local restaurants. Or maybe you're planning on visiting ever art museum in the city. Whatever your poison, your first step should be to map some of the big sights in the city and decide where your ideal accommodations should be located.

The second step is to think budget vs. convenience. There's no cosmo quiz to decide if spending more money on a more central location is going to work for you and your fellow travelers, but there are a few factors you should consider. The health and/or energy of your party is important. How quickly does your party tire? Will you want to return to your hotel in the middle of the day? Do you have the money to spring for a closer hotel?


One option for budget-conscience travelers who don't want to sacrifice location is to forgo certain amenities. This is especially true if the city in question is a short stop on a longer trip. Many hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts (especially in Europe) offer smaller rooms for a lower price. Others have budget rooms with toilet and bathroom facilities down the hall. Wifi and free breakfasts are also monetary payoffs.


The usual guidebooks and your favorite blogs are great resources. But websites are also invaluable in the process. Here are my three favorites of bookings and reviews.
Trip Advisor

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  1. I always forget to consider the fact that I may want to return to my accommodations in the middle of the day. Good point. I love to use Airbnb recently, it's a good way to get nicer, unique places to stay on a budget. Thanks for sharing!


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