Galveston Architecture

Sunday, December 7, 2014

We spent yesterday down in Galveston, Texas for the annual Dickens on the Strand Festival. There will be more to follow on the festival in the coming weeks, but for today I wanted to leave you with these pictures of the architecture in and around The Strand. There's a haunting sort of quality to Galveston's streets in the winter. During July and August families from Southeast Texas flock to Galveston for a chance to escape from the heat in the ocean. The streets are filled with the sounds of vacation, but winter reveals a partially abandoned city, still recovering from the devastation of a storm that swept through almost 100 years ago. Galveston may be a shadow of the city it was in 1900 but that past has been preserved in the beautiful haunting histories of its buildings.

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  1. So cool. The atmosphere of being somewhere with such historical architectural detail is truly superior. I love posts like this, very visual. Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Marie! Your description of atmosphere is perfect. There's something almost tangible about the feeling beautiful architecture creates.


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