Time Capsule//The Essence of Dreams//Apr. 2013

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The below was originally posted on my other blog on April 4, 2013. I'm reposting it here as part of my Time Capsule series. Since I'm rereading The Long Winter and Little Town on the Prairie currently, it felt appropriate to post this now.


It's been ages since I've posted my little letters to nowhere, and much has changed. But we won't talk about that today. It seems the best way to get back into things is to dive right in, so here it goes.

I like to reread things, in fact I can revisit any story I love about a thousand times without getting tired of it. I'm pretty sure my mom regrets to the this day showing me the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice: five hours of sweet bliss that I watched about once a month when I was ten.

I like to revisit the stories that are special to me, particularly those from my childhood. And since I wanted to be Laura Ingalls when I was little, it's not surprising that I'm rather attached to her Little House series.

 I revisit these books every year, and the glue of their paperback bindings have slowly come apart until each must be replaced. In turn the older ones are moved to a different shelf, to be handled delicately and cherished as constant reminders of well-loved books. And I buy a new copy, crack a brand new spine, and look forward to the day when this one too bears the marks that come with love.

Usually sometime as the weather turns cold and the wind starts to slip through my sweaters I find myself seeking warmth in a lonely log house in the forests of Wisconsin. Because it's true what Laura says: "Their shadowy outlines drew her with the lure of far places. They were the essence of a dream."

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  1. A beautiful quote to end with.

    I'm also one to reread the movies and books I love a thousand times, and still laugh and cry at the same spots each time. It's great to remember and hold these things close to you, it can be rare to find something that gives such unending happiness and emotion. I love posts like this!


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