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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Since we're in the last weeks before we leave to Vienna, my family and I are in our last week of planning and preparing. We all have our little rituals when we prepare for a trip. One of mine is preparing my journal for the trip. I'll admit I've never been the most, shall we say, thorough travel journaler. I tend to begin well and then finish the rest bit by bit once I get home, but I have managed to cobble together a decent record of my trips over the years.

Sine I love a nosy look into other people's journals I thought I should share a few of my own for anyone who might be similarly inclined to nosiness. My process for journalling has evolved over the years. The following pictures span from my first trip to Europe in 2001 (and first travel journal, age 9) to the preparations for my Vienna travel journal. As you may notice, these days I favor making my own journals, either from scratch or by rebinding a slim book from the used book store.

This is the beginning of my Vienna travel journal, made of watercolor and drawing paper bound into an old copy of A Literary Paris.

My first travel journal from the summer of 2001. Mostly a result of my mother's prodding, my journalling style mostly consisted of collages and captions declaring every of every event: "It was fun."

Two years later, in 2003, I was all about the pencil and paper. And Junie B. Jones. Junie B. Jones still rocks.

This journal is from my last trip, to Dublin, in March. The binding and cover were cobbled together from various papers and filled it with a combinations of collages, sketches, and writing.

Do you keep a travel journal/diary, or maybe an everyday journal? What's your process?

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  1. These are so cool and creative! I try to keep travel journals, but they become such cluttered messes. So, they just become "everything" journals, where I write down random thoughts, to-do-lists, train times, and completely irrelevant nonsense. It's OK though, I'm happy with my clutter :)

    1. Thank you. I have a fair few catch all journals too. I use them for my everyday notes, lists, thoughts, etc. They're a great resource and I love a little clutter so more power to you!

  2. Beautiful post :-) I like the creativity and thought that went into your travel journals! Makes me want to dig out my box of journals and reminisce!

    1. Thank you. If the urge should ever strike you to post pictures of your journals on your blog, please share a link! Happy reminiscing!


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