Before the Storm

Thursday, June 4, 2015

(Please excuse the mess, the blog is undergoing renovations.)

We've had quite a May down here. The Houston floods made news all around the world. We're lucky to live south of the worst of the storms and the flooding here wasn't so bad. Some of my friends and coworkers had neighborhood streets looking like rivers. My friends and family are all in tact. It's odd really, most of the city is continuing right along with the regular routine, meanwhile the county has been declared a disaster area. Our thoughts and prayers these last few weeks have been with those in our community that were effected most.

Although the news did not cover it as much, Austin had torrential rains and flooding almost as bad as ours. After years of hard drought, the rain has been a blessing in some ways, a curse in others. Above are a series of pictures I look in Austin back in early 2012, after a year of the worst drought Austin had experienced in years. I lived in Austin that summer, and I can't remember having so much as a drop of rain.

I had forgotten how low the lake actually was until I saw these pictures with the buoys and docks standing on hard ground. The same lake is just shy of full now. To give you an idea, I've imbedded an incredible video by Philippe Leybaert of Lake Travis's water level over a period of 30 days.

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