August in the Garden

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

AUGUST. Aka the Month of the Bees. I wish I could adequately describe how much time I have spent trying to coax bees into my garden this past year. I read books and articles about which plants attract bees and dutifully planted them among my vegetables. I have dead headed my flowers to keep them producing new buds. I have even followed a bee around my local gardening center and planted the plants it liked most. But no. Hardly a bee to be found.

And then this August rolled around and my basil finally got the better of me. Basil grows like a weed in Texas. If you cut it down to 10 inches tall one week it will grow back to 3 feet tall in as many weeks. This is a blessing. But it also leads to glut. My first few batches of basil were dutifully harvested and made into homemade pesto to be frozen for the basil-less winter ahead. But the harvesting, washing, pulling leaves, and grinding into pesto is grueling process that takes almost five hours with so much basil and I simply could not keep up.

About a month ago, when I had reached the end of my rope (and the end of my tupperware supply), I just gave up and let the basil flowers grow.

Enter the bee army.

Recipe for Bees in Garden:
1. Plant basil.
2. Let basil flower.

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