Christmas in Vienna: Schonbrunn Palace

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm finally sorting through some of my pictures from our trip to Vienna last Christmas and I came upon the set I took outside Schonbrunn Palace and in the surrounding gardens. It was the day after Christmas and beautifully sunny with hardly a cloud in sight. We only had a few days like this, most of our visit was cold and snowy and though there's a beauty to that weather too, there's nothing like a radiantly sunny day in dead winter.

We toured the castle's interior as well but I kept my camera off. I loved seeing the rooms set up as they were in different eras during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But the crowd control was horrific, honestly, which might have been why the palace grounds were the highlight for me. An elaborate pavilion sits on top of a hill behind the palace, at just the right height to provide a beautiful view of Vienna spread below.

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