Isle of Skye: Quiraing

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Now that I've been dragged away from Scotland and plopped back down in the states, I'll be posting pictures and stories from our trip over the next few months. Getting back into regular life has been a bit jolting but I finally found time to sort through some of my pictures this weekend.

The pictures above are some of my favorite from the trip. Towards the end of our trip we went out to the Isle of Skye and spent a few days driving on the wrong side down windy, bumpy, single-track roads and stopping for sheep to cross. Our first day's drive brought us to the Quiraing, an alien planet looking landscape of odd peaks. And, of course, lots of sheep.

I was the only one with hiking boots so I completed most of the two hour hike alone. There were a few unstable bits but for the most part it was an easy hike with stunning views. The Quiraing is a well-travelled tourist destination (although that doesn't mean the same thing on Skye as it does elsewhere) so there were several other people spread out along the trail, but not enough to break the peace of the hike.

I reached the valley between the rock formations in about an hour. The trail continues in a loop from there and I stared at it for a few minutes, wanting to follow the unknown path, but the sky was turning and my family was waiting for me, so I turned back the way I came.

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