Isle of Skye: Trotternish Peninsula

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My mother, brother, and I started planning our family trip to Scotland over two years ago now. It was a trip we had always wanted to take and we finally had a dates that worked: Late May to Early June, 2016. My brother would have a two week break in between his medical school graduation and the beginning of his residency. To Scotland we would go.

We quickly realized that two weeks, which had seemed like plenty of time on paper, would not be near enough to cover everything we wanted to see. Skye was one of the places that felt most rushed, except for Trotternish. We spent a whole day driving around the Trotternish peninsula, stopping to explore ruins of a castle, misty outcroppings of rock, sheep-filled cliffs by the sea.

The top picture was from a random stop on the way to kilt rock. My brother and I had walked down a little sandy path to take pictures of the cove. It was beautiful outside, only a few clouds and bright blue skies. I might as well have been photographing Costa Rica.

Much to my delight, a little white sailboat appeared from behind the cliffs. I took about a thousand pictures and then sat to watch it sail for a while. Eventually, it disappeared behind the next set of cliffs and we got back in the car and moved on to the next view.

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