Brief Memories of Pitlochry

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Though it ended up being on of our favorite parts of the trip, Pitlochry was really only an afterthought in our itinerary. There was the business of getting from Edinburgh to Inverness and my brother's desire to tour a distillery. Together, they led us to a one night stay in Pitlochry.

Our train pulled in to a tiny station in the early afternoon and we clambered down, suitcases in tow. From our location, slightly downhill from the main part of town, all we could see was a small curving road, one hotel, and a lot of trees. We climbed uphill, straight onto the main street of the town. 

Pitlochry is like an old holiday town come to life. It's like something you would read about in an old book, a beautiful, sleepy town that comes alive in the summer with ice cream shops and activities. In fact, it was a favorite holiday destination for the Victorians, whose patronage filled Pitlochry with elegant buildings and old hotels. 

Despite the positively bustling town, Pitlochry still feels very rural. Our hotel, the Pine Trees Hotel was the best hotel in our entire two week trip. It's set back from the central streets, up quite a steep hill. It's a good workout, especially lugging suitcases, but entirely worth it. The hotel is painted a picturesque white, the rooms are spacious with comfortable beds (a rarity for the hotels on our trip), and out the open windows birds call to each other and the wind blows pleasantly through the trees.

I managed not to take many pictures of Pitlochry, partly by design. I sometimes leave my camera at the hotel so I can enjoy the moment fully without constantly wondering if I should be recording the experience. The only pictures I have come from a morning walk we took in the nearby woods. The pictures do nothing to capture Pitlochry's charm. Fo that, you will simply have to visit yourself.

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